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Latest classes

Class Days
PHP Random Bytes
Generate cryptographically strong random bytes
PHP Google Cloud Print API
Print documents using a Google Cloud printer
PHP Contour Plot
Render contour plots from geographic shape files
REST Normalizer
Validate and filter parameters based on JSON rules
PHP CSV to Data Dictionary

Generate data dictionary from CSV file

Build and execute queries to a MongoDB database
Generate HTML to embed video content of given URL
Filter Class
Filter to prevent XSS, SQL injection, CSRF attacks
Base class for CRUD

Store and retrieve MySQL records for CRUD actions
AJAX driven simple chat
Web based chat using AJAX to update the dialog

Featured Classes

1. Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
2. PHP MD5 Decrypter
Decrypt MD5 password and hashes with MD5Decryter
3. PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
4. PHP Report Generator
Generate HTML report from MySQL query result data
5. PHP date picker class
Generate form input to pick a calendar date
6. Quick CSV import
Import CSV data into a MySQL database table
7. PHP Pagination Using Bootstrap
Show pagination of MySQL results for Bootstrap
8. Simple REST Server
Implement REST based Web services
9. PHP Detect Country and City
Get the current user location using
10. MySql To Excel
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files
11. Basic Excel
Import and export Excel files to XLS, XLSX and CSV
12. HTML to DOC
Convert HTML into Microsoft Word documents
13. Export To Excel
Generate HTML tables from MySQL query results
14. QR code generator
Generate QR Code images using Google Chart API
15. HTML to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF using Web services
16. Amazon API Access with PHP and XML
A PHP XML class to access Amazon API they released
17. Barcode Generator
Web interface to generate barcode images
18. PHP DOC DOCX PDF to Text
Convert DOCX, DOC, PDF to plain text
19. Social Security Number (SSN) Generator
Generate and validate US social security numbers
20. PDF Text Extractor
Extract text from PDF files

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Recommended Classes

Paypal Express Checkout
Integrate Paypal in own web site
Map database records to objects
Store and retrieve objects without writing native SQL again
PHP k-means Algorithm Data Miner
I need to segments all object into appropriate number of cluster
What is the best PHP price compare class?
Price comparison web site
What is the best PHP session class?
Handle session variables.
Extract database table data
Get database content into a PDF file
Automatic saving of form data
Automatically save data while typing after every 20 mins complete class for SIM method class for SIM API
Code for Apriori Algorithm in PHP OOP
Run the code of Apriori Algorithm in my system
list files and folders
list files and folders in a directory
user authorization
user authorization process
write in to csv
get data from db and put in csv
Is there a scrypt password hashing class?
Password hashing algo wanted
Examination and skills assessment
Examination and skills assessment solution
Read tab delimited text file and sort by columns
Need to sort by columun a tab delimited text file
Find a record into table
I need search any item into table
Extract required data from huge DB about 40 GB
Taking too much time to filter data and get required results
Very Fast Curl class
The fastest Curl class
Asterisk Manager Interface
Looking for a class to manage Asterisk from web
What is the best PHP page caching class?
Need best caching to store XML documents
Extract PDF to text and XML
I need to parse a PDF file and convert whole text into XML
Create MS .doc files
Use PHP to create files in MS .doc format
What is the best PHP excel read write class?
Read and write to an Excel file
Upload any type of files
Check all the files based on the content
PHP code to identify uploaded file format
I need a code to identify the file format of uploaded file
Extract PHP report
I need to generate a report in PHP
Linkedin login
I need to create an app with login via linkedin
Input Filter
strip unwanted tags , words in post method
Threads PHP
Best crawler for specific Web sites
How can choose pertinent paragraphs for indexing a specific site
Access Time for Groups
Access per time range
DOMDocument find tag, child elements and attributes
Find tag and child elements in DOMDocument
connect to wsdl
connect to wsdl and get the xml parsed
What is the best PHP ip to latitude longitude class?
Given IP address return latitude longitude
read and write ini file
Create a web page that manages a .ini file
Calculate distance between two cordinates on earth
See requested Title
PDO wrapper
I need to feed a blog
Dynamic class for CRUD with MySQL database
Form processing to MySQL database storage
Google API geocoder
Need to get lat/long and accuracy for address location
user and registration management
login logout password and session management

Featured Class Articles

1. Process incoming e-mail messages using PHP
POP3 e-mail client
2. Sending e-mail using SMTP servers of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo with PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
3. Retrieving e-mail messages using PHP from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo via POP3
POP3 e-mail client
4. The Fastest Ways to Deliver Email in PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
5. Sending messages to many recipients via SMTP in PHP
SMTP E-mail sending class
6. Showing Google Maps with many markers in PHP
Forms generation and validation
7. Fast PHP Mass Mailer Smart Optimizations
MIME E-mail message sending
8. Using Composer to Install JavaScript, CSS and Images Under the Web Document Directory
PHP Composer Asset Manager
9. 4 Ways to Access an OAuth API Without User Interaction
10. Locating addresses on Google Maps embedded in PHP generated Web forms
Forms generation and validation
11. Offline Access to Google and other OAuth based API
12. 10 Steps to properly do PHP Bug Tracking and Fixing as Fast as possible
Log watcher
13. Painless OAuth with PHP
14. How to fetch movie identifier/id from IMDB using PHP
15. Showing the Diff between Two Strings and Patch one to get the Other in PHP and JavaScript
PHP Text Diff Highlight class
16. Creating an Appointment Calendar - Part 01
Appointment Calendar
17. OAuth Pin Based Authorization for Twitter, LinkedIn, Imgur and Others
18. Did You Mean Advanced Email Validation in PHP
PHP Email validation
19. How to fetch trailers from YouTube using PHP
YouTube Trailer
20. Al-Kashi PHP Statistical Package