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PHP Classes

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Latest classes

Class Days
SMTP E-mail sending class
Sends e-mail messages via SMTP protocol
PHP Web UI Framework

Compose and render HTML5 Web pages programatically
PHP Tree Menu Maker
Display a hierarchic menu from an array of entries
Stupidly Simple PHP Calendar
Render calendars as arrays of time elements
GDImage PHP Canvas to Image
Create and compose canvas images from other images
PHP MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Dump Utility
Dump a MySQL or PostgreSQL database to an archive

Simple logging of messages to files
PHP MySQL User Manager
Manage users that access a MySQL database server
PHP MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Dump Utility

Dump a MySQL or PostgreSQL database to an archive
Language Detector
Detect the preferred language of the user

Featured Classes

1. Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
2. PHP MD5 Decrypter
Decrypt MD5 password and hashes with MD5Decryter
3. PHP date picker class
Generate form input to pick a calendar date
4. PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
5. Quick CSV import
Import CSV data into a MySQL database table
". Export To Excel
Generate HTML tables from MySQL query results
7. Simple REST Server
Implement REST based Web services
8. MySql To Excel
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files
9. HTML to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF using Web services
10. Basic Excel
Import and export Excel files to XLS, XLSX and CSV
11. PHP Report Generator
Generate HTML report from MySQL query result data
12. Excel Writer
Generate spreadsheet files Excel .xls XML format
13. Barcode Generator
Web interface to generate barcode images
14. Visa Payment Gateway Integration
Send payment requests to a payment gateway
15. Amazon API Access with PHP and XML
A PHP XML class to access Amazon API they released
16. HTML to DOC
Convert HTML into Microsoft Word documents
17. PHP Detect Country and City
Get the current user location using codehelper.io
18. Social Security Number (SSN) Generator
Generate and validate US social security numbers
19. Ultimate MySQL
MySQL database access wrapper
20. PHP OAuth API
Authorize and access APIs using OAuth

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Featured Class Articles

1. Sending e-mail using SMTP servers of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo with PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
2. Process incoming e-mail messages using PHP
POP3 e-mail client
3. Retrieving e-mail messages using PHP from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo via POP3
POP3 e-mail client
4. The Fastest Ways to Deliver Email in PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
5. Fast PHP Mass Mailer Smart Optimizations
MIME E-mail message sending
6. Showing Google Maps with many markers in PHP
Forms generation and validation
7. Locating addresses on Google Maps embedded in PHP generated Web forms
Forms generation and validation
8. Sending messages to many recipients via SMTP in PHP
SMTP E-mail sending class
". Offline Access to Google and other OAuth based API
10. Painless OAuth with PHP
11. 10 Steps to properly do PHP Bug Tracking and Fixing as Fast as possible
Log watcher
12. Using Composer to Install JavaScript, CSS and Images Under the Web Document Directory
PHP Composer Asset Manager
13. Showing the Diff between Two Strings and Patch one to get the Other in PHP and JavaScript
PHP Text Diff Highlight class
14. How to fetch movie identifier/id from IMDB using PHP
15. Processing XML with a single PHP call
Generic XML parser class
16. Did You Mean Advanced Email Validation in PHP
PHP Email validation
17. Creating an Appointment Calendar - Part 01
Appointment Calendar
18. Al-Kashi PHP Statistical Package
19. Is Your OAuth 2.0 Application Secure?
20. 4 Ways to Access an OAuth API Without User Interaction